Upnor Parks & green space

Visiting Upnor parks & nearby green spaces

When visiting Upnor village, you might want to stop in on the various parks and green spaces in the village and surrounding areas. Here’s everything you need to know about visiting Upnor parks and nearby areas.

Parks in Upnor Village

Upnor has some great walking or running routes, but very little park space. You can visit Upnor beach instead, but if you want green space you’ll need to head further afield.

On the edge of the village is an open field that’s great for dog walks or other outdoor activities. This is the spot there you’d normally find the Upnor boot fairs. There is no official parking for this space, but you’ll find that most people park on the side of the road just outside the entrance to the green space.

Upnor castle in Upper Upnor also has some green space within the castle walls. However, you will need to buy a ticket to the castle in order to get inside.

Again, there’s some great walks and paths along the banks of the river Medway and through Upnor’s High Street, but minimal park space.

Parks near Upnor

Lower Lines Park (Gillingham)

Just a short journey away from Upnor is the Lower Lines Park (also known as Admiral’s Gardens). This green space is about 5.5 hectares and is south of a bend in the River Medway between Chatham to the west and Gillingham to the east.

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Lower Lines Park

Great Lines Heritage Park (Chatham)

Another nearby park is the Great Liens Heritage Park in Chatham. Here you’ll find some green space, paved walking paths and even a children’s play area. Great Lines Heritage Park is great for running, cycling and walking due to the paved path that runs throughout the park.

If you’re looking for more indoor fitness, you can find Medway Park across the road. For a membership fee, you can utilise their pool, gym and various fitness classes.

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Lines Terrace

Hoo Common (Chattenden)

Another green space very close to Upnor is Hoo Common. A great walk is to travel from Lower Upnor to this area via a hidden public path. You can follow this public footpath from Lower Upnor up into Hoo Common.

While there has recently been construction in this area to build new houses, the footpath connecting these two areas still remains.

If you are walking to this area from Upnor, you can park in the Lower Upnor Car Park.

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 Elm Ave

upnor parks
The hidden footpath between Hoo Common & Lower Upnor

St. Mary’s Island Dog Run & Play Park (St. Mary’s Island)

If you’re looking for an enclosed area for your dog while still getting some fresh air, there’s a new space on St. Mary’s Island. Here you’ll find the St. Mary’s Island Dog Run & Play Park, only a short drive from Upnor.

After your visit, make sure to check out the neighbouring Chatham Dockyard’s various shops and stores.

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Island Way E
St Mary’s Island

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