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Upnor Taxis | Best way travel to Upnor

Unfortunately Upnor isn’t known for its public transport. For those visiting Upnor (or residents going out for the night) you’ll probably need to use a taxi.

Currently, there are no Upnor taxis in the village, but there are numerous local taxis that serve the village. Here are details on Upnor taxis and how best to get to and from the village. It’s helpful to keep these numbers stored on your phone!

ABC Taxi

ABC Taxi has been around for around 20 years so it’s a well-known taxi service. This particular taxi services Chatham, Gillingham, Maidstone, Rochester (including Upnor) and Faversham and operate 24-hours.

They also have options for school run, short term and long term contracts and airport transfers.

If you’re interested in visiting places like Upnor Castle or Upnor Beach but don’t drive, using a taxi is the next best option.

ABC Taxi number: 01634 840 840

For more details, visit ABC Taxi website.

Vokes Taxis

Another common local taxi service is Vokes. They also have a new app that you can use to book a taxi from your phone. Vokes services areas like Chatham, Rochester, Upnor, Gillingham, Strood, Rainham, Cuxton, Hoo, Hempsted and Walderslade and operate on a 24-hour schedule. They also service the local airports.

Vokes Taxi number: 01634 22 22 22

Fore more information on this taxi service, visit Vokes Taxis.

Upnor taxis

Strood Cabs

Another local taxi service is Strood Cabs, but there’s actually not a lot of information about them available. We personally have never used them, but it could still be helpful to have their number in case you need it. Like the other services, you can use Strood Cabs for the local airports, school runs, and opener 24/7 in the Medway area.

Strood Cabs number: 01634 710001

For details, check out Strood Cabs’ website.

Medway Uber

As with most areas in England, Uber is a great option for affordable transport. We recommend having the Uber app downloaded onto your mobile with your details saved for the next time you need to use them.

When using the app, simply plug in your current address and where you want to go, and the app will show you drivers in the area. The app will connect you with a driver, give you an estimated time of their arrival, what car they are driving and the estimated cost for your trip.

Overall, Uber is extremely user-friendly. It also means that you don’t need to pay the driver in cash as it will be done through the app. This is incredibly helpful for those who don’t carry cash with them. Unfortunately Upnor can be difficult to get to, so using Uber is a great option.

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