Upnor Sailing Club & why you should join

For a quiet and quant area, the Upnor Sailing Club is a bustling part of this village. Here’s what you need to know about the Upnor Sailing Club and why you should check it out.

Sailing from Upnor

At the end of Lower Upnor, you’ll find the Upnor Sailing Club tucked away along the banks of the Medway River. First started in the 1960’s, this friendly club has developed into an active part of the community.

If you’ve ever wandered through Upnor, or visited Upnor Beach on a sunny day, you would have seen numerous boats along the Medway River. Upnor is a great launching spot and is easily a favourite summertime hobby in the area.

The club organises a cruising programme each year for any members who want to sail with others along the east coast. Some trips even go across the channel for more experienced sailors. The trips are organised by volunteers in the club that work to include boats of all sizes and members of all skill levels.

Upnor Sailing Club facilities

Currently there are 86 sheltered moorings on the Medway close to Chatham Historic Dockyard.

The club website adds that: “We access these from our private pontoon from which we launch dinghies and bring our yachts alongside for loading and unloading. This facility also incorporates a dinghy and tender storage area and two scrubbing docks.”

The sailing clubhouse also has a welcoming clubroom, bar, balcony toilets, showers and a secure car park with storage and workshops.

​While many people don’t know about Upnor or its sailing club, it’s situated in a perfect spot to launch along the River Medway.

Getting to the Upnor Sailing Club

When using a Sat Nav, plug in the post code “ME2 4UY” to find the club. It’s located at the very end of Lower Upnor and can be tricky to find the first time.

A good indicator that you’re going in the right direction is going past the Pier pub and the closed down Arethusea Venture Centre in Lower Upnor. There is also a free car park in Lower Upnor, directly in front of the club.

​Upnor Sailing Club membership prices

Intersted in trying out the club? Below are the sailing club membership prices and fees listed currently on their website.

​Joining Fee£140
Joining Fee – Junior£44
Subs – Full Member£173
Subs – Family Member£259
Subs – Crewing Member£35
Subs – Veteran Member of 20 yrs£87
Subs – Veteran Member of 10 yrs£155
Subs Veteran Family Members of 20 yrs£130
Subs Veteran Family Members of 10 yrs£233
Subs – Junior Member£45
Subs – Cadet Member£18

Additional fees include:

Dinghy Park Storage £25.00
Outboard Storage £25.00

Mooring Costs

For up-to-date mooring costs, make sure to check with the club first. Mooring Costs from 2019 were £340 to £380 depending on mooring length (35 to 55 feet). Cost includes maintenance and rental of mooring.

To join the Upnor Sailing Club, just input your details through their website and a member of the club will get in touch with you.

Why is the sailing club important to Upnor?

Not only does the sailing club offer the obvious possibility to sailing from Upnor, it’s also has a huge social element.

Throughout the year the club hosts a variety and range of events which are organised and planned by the social committee. These club-wide events include activities like parties, barbecues and even formal dinners. Club events are usually held in the off-season during the winter months when most members are not on cruises. So while you might be busy sailing throughout the summer, the Club still has activities and events throughout the winter to keep you busy.

Recent events included: a new members buffet, a summer BBQ, First Aid Training and an upcoming Christmas dinner party.

To keep in touch with the club, you can follow their social media updates on the Upnor Sailing Club Facebook page. Have questions? You can reach the club by calling 0800 8321317.

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