Lower Upnor car park

Upnor car park | Where’s the best place to park in Upnor?

If you are visiting Upnor, it’s likely that you’re driving. So where is the Upnor car park, or is there even available parking?

Upnor Car Park – Upper Upnor

Upper Upnor Car Park map
Upper Upnor Car Park map

The most popular car park in Upnor is located in Upper Upnor. This free car park is perfect for visiting the Upper Upnor pubs (The Kings Arms and the Tutor Rose) along with Upnor Castle. It’s about a 3 minute walk from the car park to the castle, and even less to the two pubs on the high street.

There are about 30-35 car park spots in this particular lot, but it can fill up quite quickly, especially on weekends. You’ll likely see cars parked along the road when this lot is full.

Address of Upper Upnor car park for Sat Nav: Upnor Road, Rochester ME2 4UP (sometimes called Upnor Castle Car Park, even though it’s not just used for the castle).

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The recycling bins in the Lower Upnor car park

Upnor Car Park – Lower Upnor

Most people don’t realise there is a second free car park in Upnor, this time located in Lower Upnor, at the very edge of the village. If you drive along Lower Upnor, past The Ship and The Pier, you’ll reach the Upnor Sailing Club at the very end (and the entrance to Upnor’s hidden beach). It’s here where you’ll find Upnor’s second car park.

There are about 50 car parking spots available. However, it’s important to remember that this lot is locked up in the evening. The gates open at 8 am and are closed at 9 pm (in the summer months) and 5 pm (during the winter.)

It’s about a 3 minute walk to Upnor Beach from this car park. There are also recycling bins here for paper, card and glass.

Address of Lower Upnor car park for Sat Nav: Upnor Road, Rochester ME2 4XB

Lower Upnor car park map
Lower Upnor Car Park map, located just off Albion Place

Other places to park in Upnor

Other than the two main car parks in Upnor, the remaining parking is all on-street. Typically you’ll be able to find spots during the day while residents are at work, but it can be very difficult to find spaces at night or on the weekends.

If you’re driving to Upnor, we recommend using one of the two available lots and try your best to avoid peak times during the weekend.

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