Upnor shops

Upnor shops | What’s available in the village (and nearby)

Upnor is a quiet and quant village along the banks of the river Medway. While it does have a High Street, there is very little in the way of Upnor shops. So what is actually available to buy (or browse) in Upnor?

Upnor Shops

Technically, Upnor has no traditional shops. The village does not have a corner store, Off-License or Post Office, either.

Currently Upnor has four distinct pubs which all offer food as well. If you want more details, make sure to check out our post: “The Best 4 Upnor Pubs | Where to get a pint

During Covid-19, the Kings Arms has been hosting a small shop within the pub, to help residents get the food they need. While this shop may not continue for long, it’s still extremely helpful when regular local shops are shut.

Upnor shops
The Kings Arms currently has the “Village Store” for Upnor residents

Upnor is also home to a new restaurant called “Coelho’s Picados & Skewer House” This Portuguese restaurant has taken the spot of Powder and Magazine, which closed in early 2020.

There is also a small gift shop in Upnor Castle, but that is closed during England’s second lockdown. For more details on when the castle will open (or details for planning your next visit), make sure to check out our article: “Your trip to Upnor Castle | Make it memorable

Closest shops to Upnor

In terms of takeaways that serve Upnor, there’s actually quite a few great options. You can find details on our article: “The Best Takeaways in Upnor


There are two Co-Ops quite close to Upnor village. One is part of the petrol station at the entrance to Medway City Estate. While it’s small, it still has the necessities available like milk, eggs, meat, fruit and vegetables. You can also get a small selection of alcohol, toiletries and cleaning supplies.

There is also a larger Co-Op in Wainscott, just down the road from Upnor. You’ll find more selection from this particular Co-Op without having to travel too far from the village. It’s typically open from 6am until 10pm most days, but make sure to check before visiting as there are changes due to Covid-19.

Often missed, there is a tiny Co-Op location at Chatham’s Dockside, tucked away near the Ship and trades pub. Of course, there is little selection here but it’s helpful to know that it’s there.

Medway City Estate Co-Op address: Anthonys Way, Rochester ME2 4DW

Wainscott Co-Cop address: 4 Wainscott Road, Wainscott, Rochester ME2 4LB

Dockside Co-Op address: Ships and Trades, Maritime Way, St Mary’s Island, Chatham ME4 3ER


There are two Tesco locations fairly close to Upnor – one Tesco Express and one Tesco Superstore. Naturally, the Express location will have a small selection of items while the Superstore is much more suited for a larger shop. However, you’ll need to travel into Strood to get to the Tesco Superstore.

Tesco Express address: Frindsbury Road, Rochester ME2 4JD

Tesco Superstore address: Charles Street, Rochester ME2 2DE


There is a nearby ASDA Superstore and petrol station across the river in Gillingham. Depending on the time of day, this shop might be quicker to get to instead of driving into Strood.

ASDA Superstore address: Pier Road, Pier Approach Road, Gillingham ME7 1RZ

Chatham Dockyard

Across the river from Upnor is Chatham Dockyard and Chatham’s Dockside. The Dockyard is a great historical experience and a fun trip out for the whole family (currently closed until 2021).

Just down the road from the Dockyard is Chatham Dockside which has a few restaurants and fast-food locations, but not much in the way of groceries.

However there are some good shops here and it’s just a short drive from Upnor.

Notable shops at Chatham Dockside:

  • Clarks Outlet
  • Choice
  • Peacocks
  • The Range
  • Poundstretcher
  • ProCook
  • M&S Outlet

For food at Dockside, there is:

  • Burger King
  • Villagio
  • Starbucks
  • Taco Bell
  • Nandos
  • Pizza Hut
  • The Broadwick
  • Creams Cafe
  • Fireaway

Upnor Shops and the surrounding area

While there isn’t too much selection within Upnor itself, there are a lot of shops, resultants, pubs and takeaways that are nearby or at least service Upnor village. As locals, we definitely recommend Upnor’s pubs but you’ll need to leave the village for your weekly food shop or if you’re interested in shopping for clothing, gifts or other items.

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