Powder and Magazine – what happened?

Powder and Magazine was a beloved restaurant in Lower Upnor’s Ordnance Yard — it was one of the reasons we moved to the area! So we were shocked, to say the least when it closed down. In fact, we went on a visit to the US and by the time we arrived back the doors had closed permanently!

Powder & Magazine closed in January 2020 after financial difficulties.

Old Powder and Magazine Upnor
Powder and Magazine, Ordnance Yard, Upnor

Opened in December 2016, the business was well known among locals for quality food at reasonable prices and was highly reviewed on TripAdvisor for several years before the company started experiencing financial difficulties.

We personally loved Powder and Magazine until the final few months of its tenure at Ordnance Yard, with something interesting always on the menu, good coffee, and (once they got their license) cocktails too.

It was Upnor’s only standalone restaurant for many years, and while the local pubs offer good fare, the choice and ambience of the historic building were certainly missed.

What’s taking Powder and Magazine’s place?

Powder & Magazine was left empty for many months after seemingly random closures due to staffing issues and much speculation took place on what would take its place. Given the full kitchens and government permissions already in place, it was always likely another restaurant would take over the premises.

And now we know…

Coelho's Picados & Skewer House
Coelho’s Picados & Skewer House will replace Powder & Magazine

Coelho’s Picados & Skewer House owned by Fatima Nobrega and Hugo Rodrigues will be the new restaurant in Lower Upnor.

It’s a traditional Portuguese restaurant, featuring mediterranean fare including that of Madeira of Picados and Espetadas, as well as fresh cakes and pastries.

We’re very excited to see what Fatima and Hugo can do with the space and wish them the very best! It will be great to finally have a restaurant in Upnor, other than the local pub. While the Upnor pubs are great, sometimes you just want to go to a proper restaurant – and now you can.

You can find out more about Coelho’s Picados & Skewer House by visiting them on Facebook here or checking out their website here.

This restaurant in Upnor is now open for business! Coelho’s Picados & Skewer House is also now on TripAdvisor but currently doesn’t have any reviews yet. Have you visited them already? Please let us know how you found your experience!

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