best takeaways in upnor

The Best Takeaways in Upnor

If you’re looking for takeaways in Upnor, you’re come to the right place! As Upnor residents, here are the best takeaways in Upnor (in our opinion).

Best food in Upnor

If you’re not familiar with the village, it’s good to know that Upnor is home to four historical pubs and one restaurant. There are two pubs in Lower Upnor (the Ship and the Pier) along with the Kings Arms and the Tudor Rose in Upper Upnor. You can find Upnor’s only restaurant in Lower Upnor “Coelho’s Picados & Skewer House” a new addition to the village.

So far, some of these pubs offer some kind of takeaway service, at least during Covid-19 restrictions. Many had to change their businesses to get through Covid-19 but it’s unclear if the Upnor pubs will continue to offer these type of services when business gets back to normal.

Thankfully, if they don’t continue to offer takeaway services, there are plenty of restaurants and takeaway that serve Upnor. Make sure to check if your favourite takeaway services Upnor before moving to the village!

Best takeaways in Upnor

Aside from the pubs and restaurant, there are no typical “fast food” options or takeaways within the village itself. However, there are tons of places that will deliver to Upnor.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats will typically deliver to Upnor, from businesses like McDonalds, KFC, Creams Cafe, Taco Bell and Subway. If you’re looking for traditional fast food, Uber Eats is certainly a viable option. However, there’s not too much choice.

Keep in mind that Uber Eats will not deliver at all times during the day and some days there are no available drivers for deliveries. We’ve had instances where we’ve placed an order, waited, only for it to be cancelled hours later because there was no one available to deliver the order. Just something to keep in mind before you order!

Looking for an Uber Eats discount? Try using eats-uberrowesk for £15 off your first order! Every bit helps.

Just Eat

Our personal favourite for takeaways in Upnor is using Just Eat. They are reliable, affordable, easy and quick! There are numerous takeaways and restaurants listed on Just Eat that will deliver to Upnor (although many charge a delivery fee).

There’s something wonderful about ordering a Chinese takeaway after a long day at work. Our personal favourites on Just Eat are: Peking Express, Orchid Gardens and Ken’s Garden. Unlike Uber Eats, we’ve never had a Just Eat order go missing or never delivered. While the food quality can differ sometimes, overall it’s been great and convenient.

Best takeaways in Upnor
A typical order from Ken’s Garden – crispy shredded beef and lemon chicken

Some of the top rated takeaways that serve Upnor include:

Dos Amigos Sombreros – It’s so rare to find good Mexican food in the UK, but Dos Amigos Sombreros is a great option. Not only does it deliver to Upnor, they make authentic Mexican food like fajitas, enchiladas, nachos, quesadillas and lots more. They will only deliver when orders are £10 or more, but they don’t charge a delivery fee. In the mood for Mexican? This takeaway is a must-try.

Istanbul Flames – Another highly rated takeaway option is Istanbul Flames, with over 1400 reviews on Just Eat. You’ll find tasty burgers, pizza, and kababs with a delivery fee of just £1.

Sometimes after having a few pints at the local Upnor pubs, you could really do with a kabab.

Best local pizza in Upnor

Unfortunately there are no pizza shops in Upnor, but there are a few great pizza places that will deliver. Personally, we recommend Papa John’s in Strood. Their website is incredibly user-friendly and easy to order with, plus they can deliver to Upnor in no time at all. If you’re willing to drive, you can also collect your pizza order from Papa John’s as it’s only a few minutes drive from Upnor.

Want to learn more about local food, shops and businesses? Check out our article: Upnor Shops | What’s available in the village (and nearby)

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