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Upnor houses for sale | So you want to move to Upnor

Finding Upnor houses for sale, or properties to rent, is extremely competitive. Upnor village is incredibly small so houses rarely come on the market.

Here are the best places to find Upnor houses for sale, or Upnor flats to rent.

How to find Upnor houses for sale


A personal favourite moving or rental website is Rightmove. For Upnor, there are hardly any places listed currently, but it’s always a good site to check first. It’s also helpful to check the “map” section on Rightmove, as some properties will actually be in Rochester rather than Upnor village.


Another popular website for properties is Zoopla. We would recommend checking them out for Upnor houses for sale, along with possible rental properties as well.

Prime Location

We find that Prime Location doesn’t usually have the same amount of properties listed, but still important to check quickly. Upnor properties are particularly difficult to find, but should be listed with Prime Location.

Your Move

Another popular website for rentals and properties for sale in Upnor is Your Move. This website has a particularly useful map option to help you visualise where the properties are actually located. Like mentioned before, make sure to double-check the addresses of the properties you’re looking at. Many listings show “Rochester” but may be in Rochester proper or Upnor village.

On the Market

While not the most popular choice for finding houses for sale in Upnor, On the Market should still have a few listings. It’s likely that you’ll have already seen this on places like Zoopla or Rightmore.


Formally Wards & Partners, Ward is another option when looking for rentals and properties for sale in Upnor. Naturally, they will only show properties that Wards is listing, rather than all available places in the village. We would recommend sticking to websites like Rightmove in order to get all available properties in Upnor.


Similar to Wards, you could also check Robinson-Jackson’s website to Upnor listings. As expected, they will only showcase the properties in Upnor that they are associated with, so you will not see all available homes.

Houses For Sale & To Rent

Another option is to check Houses for Sale & To Rent for Upnor homes. While not as extensive as other websites, it’s still important to check various sites in case any property is missed.

upnor houses for sale
Many of Upnor’s homes are within walking distance to the Medway River and the many boats that sail along it

House prices in Upnor

According to RightMove, in the last year properties in Upnor had an overall average price of £349,000.

Most of the sales in Upnor during the last year were semi-detached properties, selling for an average price of £330,800. Detached properties sold for an average of £395,800, with terraced properties getting £300,000.

Overall, sold prices in Upnor over the last year were 7% up on the previous year and 7% down on the 2016 peak of £375,900.

Looking to move to Upnor?

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