Visiting Upnor parks & nearby green spaces

When visiting Upnor village, you might want to stop in on the various parks and green spaces in the village

Upnor shops

Upnor shops | What’s available in the village (and nearby)

Upnor is a quiet and quant village along the banks of the river Medway. While it does have a High

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Upnor houses for sale | So you want to move to Upnor

Finding Upnor houses for sale, or properties to rent, is extremely competitive. Upnor village is incredibly small so houses rarely

Lower Upnor car park

Upnor car park | Where’s the best place to park in Upnor?

If you are visiting Upnor, it’s likely that you’re driving. So where is the Upnor car park, or is there

Upnor Beach

What is the Upnor Residents Association?

Trying to find out more about the Upnor Residents Association? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s all information available

best takeaways in upnor

The Best Takeaways in Upnor

If you’re looking for takeaways in Upnor, you’re come to the right place! As Upnor residents, here are the best

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Upnor Taxis | Best way travel to Upnor

Unfortunately Upnor isn’t known for its public transport. For those visiting Upnor (or residents going out for the night) you’ll